9030 Knitted Stretch Interlining

Knitted stretch interlining is a type of knitted interlining, whose base fabric is knitted by a knitting machine, which is not affected by warp and weft yarn direction, has good elasticity and softness, and does not roll the edge after bonding, does ...

Product Definition:

Knitted stretch interlining is a type of knitted interlining with good elasticity and softness., which is knitted by a knitting machine and is not affected by warp and weft yarn direction. It does not curl and deform after bonding and is strong adhesion and impervious to glue and debonding, washable, dry cleanable, etc.

Detailed Product Specifications and Parameters:

Base fabric composition:  Polyester 100%
Yarn count information:  30D*30D
Backing fabric process:  Weft knitting
Backing weight: 30g
Powder type: PES, PA
Gum powder weight: 8g
Gluing process: Powder or double dot
Hand-feel: Soft
Width range: 150-190CM
Bleached white, black, natural white
Packing quantity:
Packing material:
Packing quantity:
60,000/20ft, 17-200,000/40ft
Customs code:
PES rubber powder pressing temperature:
135-140 degrees
PES adhesive powder pressing time: 2-3KG
PES adhesive powder pressing time:
12-15 seconds
PES powder peel strength:
PA powder pressing temperature:
140-145 degrees
PA powder pressing pressure:
PA powder pressing time:
12-15 seconds
PA powder Peel strength:

Product Features:

  • Grammage and width can be adjusted appropriately according to customer requirements. PA or PES adhesive powder and single or double dot coating process are available. 
  • Excellent elasticity, suitable for all kinds of light elastic fabric bonding.
  • Strong adhesion, no foaming, no shedding in water, and dry cleaning. Even after many pieces of washing, its good hand feel and appearance remain unchanged.  
  • Through extremely strict quality control, its shrinkage rate standards all meet national requirements.

Introduction To The Production Process:

Backing production: Polyester filament yarn - stretching - embryo fabric weaving - embryo fabric shaping, complete the production of the base fabric. Coating and gluing: Coating (you can choose PES or PA powder, using single dot or double dot coating process)--Reel formation--Inspection--Separation--Packaging

9030 Knitted Stretch Interlining

Product Application Description:

Knitted stretch interlining is suitable for light fabrics, mainly used in middle and high-grade women's clothing, fashion, high-grade children's clothing, high-grade knitwear sportswear, middle and high-grade casual shirts, etc. The specific parts are mainly the collar, front body, waist head, pocket cover, placket, etc.

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