about GF

G&F Group has been engaged in import and export as well as international trade since 1997 and has more than 20 years of experience. Advanced production equipment, professional technical team, and sales service team. These make us a well-known textile manufacturer and supplier in China. Our main products are non-woven fabrics, non-woven products, woven and non woven interlinings, and garment fabrics.

We have a complete range of products, which can meet the needs of customers for various specifications of textiles, and provide customers with one-stop procurement services.

With sincere cooperation, high quality, fast delivery, and flawless services. We have won the trust and praise of overseas customers, and our products have been sold to more than 80 countries and regions.


G&F Group in Shenzhen, China. Since 1997, the company has been engaged in the field of import and export and international trade of nonwoven fabrics, nonwoven products, interlinings series products, garment fabrics and other products over more than 20 years.

After years of exploration and practice. G&F Group is continuing to develop new business models in non-woven and interlining products and cross-border logistics. To meet more challenges and changes.



Over the past 20 years., we have always insisted on the mission of creating the greatest value for our customers. Including excellent quality, the most competitive price, fast delivery, complete product categories, professional service, etc... Which has won the trust and praise of our overseas customers. And ensured that our sales market has covered more than 80 countries and regions on 6 continents. And our annual sales are on a continuous growth trend.


To ensure quality and improve efficiency. G&F has always used the most advanced production equipment. For example, the nozzles and main components for the production of non-woven fabrics are from Reifen, Germany. Most of the weaving production equipment is imported from Taiwan. Textile products are produced in a Class 100,000 cleanroom. TO ensure compliance with US and European medical qualification requirements.




Quality is the life of an enterprise. G&F always regards quality control as the company's first and most important rule. The company has not only passed the ISO9001:2015 quality management system. But also its products fully follow Oeko-Tex standards. We can provide various qualified products according to customer requirements. Product inspection certificate.



  • One-stop Logistics Services
One-stop cross-border logistics service according to customer’s requirements, which include: Goods consolidation, transportation, export, shipping, import customs clearance, warehousing, and distribution.
  • Financial Services
Financial services supporting according to customer’s reputation value. Such as 30-120 days LC, 30-120 days TT, 30-120 days DA/DP, 30-120 days OA, etc. And letter of credit collection and advance payment services for customers.






Responsibility is the core word of our corporate culture, including:

For customers:

We provide customers with the best quality products and services, at the most competitive prices. And the most timely delivery is our most important responsibility in the past 20 years.

For employees:

We have been committed to improving the health and happiness of our employees. Including carrying out various sports activities. Monthly birthday parties, various holiday care activities, and regular travel.

For society:

G&F has been taking social responsibilities and contributing to the harmonious development of society. Including participating in epidemic prevention during the period of the new crown virus. Donating newspapers to disabled people, and donating clothes to children in mountainous areas.

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