Disposable Surgical Gown



Disposable surgical use isolation gown is used as an essential protective gown during surgery to reduce the risk of transmission of pathogenic microorganisms between medical staff and patients, and as a safety barrier in the sterile area during surgery. The surgical gown is made of nonwoven fabric, cut and sewn. It is provided aseptically and for single use.

Disposable Surgical Gown Parameters:

Production standards and related certificates and qualifications: CE conformity declaration, product testing reports

Material and composition: 100% polypropylene

Grammage range: 30-65g

Size range: S-XXXL

Color: blue

Order quantity: 3000 pieces

Packing quantity: 50 pieces/box

Packing material: five-layer corrugated carton

Container quantity: 52,300 pieces/40HQ

Customs code: 6210103000

Other supplement: 120*140cm/120*150cm/accept customization

Disposable Surgical Gown Production Process:

Disposable Surgical Gown ultrasonic heat lamination process, velcro/lacing cuffs, knitted cuffs, waist ties. They are generally made of non-woven fabric by sewing or ultrasonic heat lamination and are strictly sterilized for invasive treatment of patients in the operating room.

Disposable Surgical Gown Feature:


High level of antistatic ability can effectively reduce the static electricity generated by friction during operation, avoiding adverse interference effects on operation and helping the operation to be completed safely and smoothly.


Alcohol is a common liquid used in surgery. The anti-alcohol function of the surgical gown can effectively prevent alcohol from penetrating and causing cross-infection or adverse effects on the operation.

Oil resistance:

Mainly in invasive surgery, oil-resistant surgical gowns can effectively prevent patients' oily body fluids from penetrating into the gown and infecting the surgeon.

Plasma-resistant and waterproof:

Fluids such as body fluids and plasma are the most common carriers of infection in invasive procedures. Using SMS disposable surgical gowns with excellent plasma resistance and water resistance can avoid the risk of infection and ensure the safety of the surgeon.

Disposable Surgical Gown Usage Introduction:

All kinds of medical personnel and general protection use. As a professional manufacturer of non-woven products with 15 years of experience, G&F provides customers with various styles, different fabrics and different protective functions to meet their needs for surgical gowns in different application scenarios, such as standard surgical gowns; modified surgical gowns; surgeon uniforms; disposable patient clothing.

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