Disposable Isolation Gown


Product Definition:

Disposable isolation gown is usually made of non-woven fabric (PP/SMS/PP+PE) or combined with a material with better barrier properties (such as plastic film). And the gown must be waterproof, wear-resistant and tear-resistant. The barrier gown is made of non-woven fabric, cut and sewn. Non-sterile provide, single-use.

Detailed product specifications and parameters: knitted cuffs, tied neckline and waistband

Detailed specifications: 120*140cm

Production standards and related certificates qualification: Class I medical information production record, European CE Declaration of Conformity, FDA record.

Material and composition: 100% polypropylene

Grammage range: 35-45g

Size range: S-XXL

Color: blue

Order quantity: 20,000 pieces

Packing quantity: 100 pieces/box

Packing material: five-layer corrugated carton

Packing quantity: 140,000 pieces/40HQ

Customs code:6210103020

Other additions: Knitted cuffs, tied neckline and waistband

Introduction to the production process of Disposable Isolation Gown:

Ultrasonic heat lamination process, knitted cuffs, lace-up collar and waistband.

Disposable Isolation Gown Features:

When in contact with patients who transmit infectious diseases, such as patients infected with multi-drug resistant bacteria, patients infected with COVID-19 coronavirus, etc.

When in protective isolation for consultation and treatment of patients with large burns and bone grafts.

When the patient's blood, body fluids, secretions and excretions can be splashed.

When entering key departments such as intensive care units and protection rooms.

Product Application Description:

Disposable isolation gown is mainly used for medical personnel to prevent contamination of infectious materials such as blood and body fluids, or to protect patients from infection. Disposable isolation gown is a two-way isolation, both to prevent medical personnel from being infected or contaminated, but also to prevent patients from being infected.

Various types of medical personnel and general protection use, Disposable isolation gown types are: non-woven isolation gown, film laminated non-woven isolation gown.

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