AC5525 Nonwoven Fusible Interlining

Nonwoven fusible interlining is made of polyester and nylon fiber blended hot-rolled nonwoven fabric as the base fabric, PES adhesive powder bonding coating processing finishing and other special processing technology to make the ...


Nonwoven fusible interlining is a hot rolled nonwoven fabric using polyester and nylon fiber blend as the base fabric. After PES powder bonding coating and other special processing technology to become a lining, with a soft feel and good breathability.

Detailed Product Specifications And Parameters:

Detailed specification: 8G rubber powder on the backing fabric made of polyester and nylon fiber blend, using PES pulp dot coating process.

Composition:  50%Polyester+50%Nylon
Grammage range:  Backing fabric: 25G. Coating: 10G.
Width range: Within 2 meters
Color: White, black, grey, extra white
MOQ: 1000m
Feeling hardness: Regular Feeling
Packing quantity: According to customer requirements
Packing material: PE transparent plastic bag
Loading quantity:
Customs code: 5603911090; 5603921090; 5603931090.
Glue powder: PA
Pressing temperature:
120-130 degrees


  • The backing fabric is made of a mixture of polyester and nylon fibers, and the product has a softer feel. Together with 10 grams of glue powder, the bonding strength is particularly strong, making it suitable for use as a backing for all kinds of light and smooth high-grade fabrics.
  • Without adding chemical additives, the nonwoven fusible interlining production process is environmentally friendly and free of odor and harmful substances.PES powder has good washing resistance, non-fluorescent, dry cleaning and light enzyme washing resistance, etc.

Introduction To The Production Process Of Backing Fabric:

The polyester staple fiber or other fibers are fully broken up and mixed by the open cotton process. After combing and spreading, the backing is hot-rolled by hot-rolling sticks to complete the production of backing fabric.

Process Description:

Base cloth production: 50% polyester and 50% nylon staple fiber through the cotton opening process to fully break up the fiber, mixed, and then after carding, laying the network, by hot-rolling stick hot-rolling molding to complete the production of the base cloth. Coating glue: PES pulp point method is a certain particle size of PES hot-melt adhesive powder and water thickener, etc. in accordance with a certain formula and process first mixed into a certain viscosity of stable pulp, and then draw on the round screen printing process, through the pulp supply system, the pulp containing hot melt adhesive in the squeegee pressure through the finely designed circular mesh inner hole in the form of a dot transfer to the bottom cloth, in the drying room to evaporate water hot melt adhesive melt cooling, and then sub-roll packaging.

AC5525 Nonwoven Fusible Interlining

Application Description:

Nonwoven fusible interlining has a soft feel and strong bonding characteristics, suitable for all kinds of light and smooth fabrics, mainly used in all kinds of high-end clothing, as well as garments in specific parts.

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