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Flannel Fabric: Elegant Gentleman In The Clothing World.

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Flannel is a very good thermal fabric, usually made into pajamas and quilts, flannel made of pajamas is very warm, winter wear, very good, and flannel made of sheets is very resistant to cold, very comfortable in the winter cover, there are also some people in the room is to use flannel sheets, can prevent catching cold. So what are the specific features of flannel? And how much is it? Today to learn about flannel knowledge.

What Is Flannel Fabric?

What Is Flannel Fabric?
Flannel fabric is a kind of coarse spun wool fabric covered with rich and dense pile on the surface, and the raw material is mainly mixed color coarse combed wool yarn. It has a delicate and soft handfeel and excellent warmth retention performance, which is widely used in spring and autumn clothing, pants, tops, children's clothing and other industries.

Wool flannel for suits is mainly divided into worsted flannel and woolen flannel, and whichever flannel it is, it has a common feature that the surface is brushed to a layer of fleece, and it is because of this fleece that it is called flannel

In addition to the flannel to bring a "gentle" touch, the fleece can also allow the air to stay between the fleece, thus separating the cold air from the outside, to achieve a good warmth effect.

What Is Flannel Fabric Used For?

Flannel is suitable for making pants, tops, children's clothing, etc. Lightweight ones can also be used as shirts and skirts.

The raw material is 64 counts of fine wool, and the warp and weft are made of 12 counts or more of coarse combed wool yarn. The fabric is plain or twill, and is finished by shrinkage and pile, with a rich handfeel and fine pile. The weight of the fabric is about 260-320g/m2 and the thin type is about 220g/m2. It is mostly dyed with loose fibers, mainly black and white mixed with different shades of gray or milk white, light coffee and other colors. There are also plain dyed colors and stripes, plaids and other patterns. Flannel also uses combed wool yarn or cotton yarn for warp and coarse combed wool yarn for weft, and coarse combed wool yarn is sometimes mixed with a small amount of cotton or viscose spinning.

Flannel History.

It was around the 16th century that flannel was introduced, in Wales.
The first people who used this fabric were English miners, and it was also used to make clothing for the army. But at that time, the clothes made of flannel were not even plaid shirts, but the layer of sweaters for warmth.
Then the story came to America, the founder of the workwear brand Carhartt, Hamilton Carhartt invented the flannel plaid shirt and sold it to the logging workers.
Although this had nothing to do with suits, the stimulus to fabric production was huge.
In the 1920s and 1930s, flannel started to enter the formal wear field, that is, British students wore flannel gray pants.
Adopting the fabric at the same time were the aristocrats who were vacationing in France.
By the 1940s, the color of flannel gradually shifted to more traditional and serious colors. It is not difficult to imagine that this was to please the political and business clients, the most iconic of which would be Fiat's president Agnelli.
By the 1950s, the fabric became a full-blown American hit. Hollywood stars are credited with driving it.
Then, the popularity of flannel began to go downhill. The reason, which may not be thought of, but has been said by Alan Fusser quite a few times, is the son's rebellion against the old son, what the old son likes to wear, the son should not wear anything.
So we saw the popularity of corduroy in the 60s-70s, the rise of high weave worsted in the 80s-90s, and then in the 2000s, flannel became Darling again.

What Is The Characteristic Of Flannel?

(1) The bright appearance of flannel is one of the reasons for its enduring. Whether it is made into a suit, jacket or shirt, the style can be professional or casual. Flannel's rich colors and patterns can meet the individual needs of different men.

(2) Flannel has good dye ability with excellent decorative effect. After loose fiber dyeing process, it can form many colors including light gray, medium gray, dark gray cream, light coffee, etc.

(3) The most important feature of flannel is the fine and uniform pile on the surface. Clothing and home bedding made of this fabric have a good warmth effect. Compared with other surface pile fabrics, the feel is more delicate and the surface flatness is higher. In addition, flannel has both beautiful color and luster, and also has plain and simple patterns and designs, which can bring different enjoyment to life. However, the production process of flannel is complex, so the cost is high, the market price is relatively expensive.

How To Wash Flannel Fabric?

1. In order not to destroy the fabric, the correct method is required for washing. flannel should use neutral detergent, not bleach, because bleach contains chlorinated substances, which will destroy the fabric material and cause the fabric to turn yellow.
2. The correct washing method is to dissolve neutral detergent in warm water, put the flannel into the soaking for a few minutes, rub gently in the stain with your hands, do not use brushes, will destroy the fabric's fluff, too much force will lead to fluff off. After washing, clean with water, dehydration in the ventilation to dry.
3. Secondly, the cleaning process, do not wash with dark colors or faded items, dark flannel products for the first time, please wash with cold water, light colors do not matter, it is best to add the right amount of softener when washing.
4. Do not use bleach, because bleach contains chlorine, which will damage the fabric material and cause the fabric to turn yellow. When machine washing, please put it in a laundry bag for non-tumble washing machine to avoid damaging its velvet. When washing by hand, use both hands to rub gently, do not use hard brushes and washing powder, otherwise it will easily lead to deformation and hardening of the velvet surface.
5. Washing process is completed, gently squeeze with your hands, let the water flow naturally, natural drying, do not iron. Washing should be placed in a dry and ventilated at the beginning, do not put in a damp place.
PS: Flannel can be washed in the washing machine, but when washing should also pay attention to not often use the washing machine to clean because the surface of the flannel has a special layer of soft hair, if often use the washing machine to clean the hair will fall off, which will affect the feel of flannel.

When Should I Wear Flannel?

Woven flannel can be used to make suits, jackets, etc. Thin ones can be used as shirts and skirts.

Knitted flannel can be used for casual jackets, bedding, pajamas, quilts, blankets, etc.

Where To Buy Flannel Fabric?

Large quantity of fabric can be purchased directly from the factory at affordable price, and also can be customized for specifications and colors. Small quantity can be purchased from wholesalers for stock with low MOQ, large variety, good quality and reasonable price.

How Much Does Flannel Fabric Cost?

The price of woven flannel is higher, especially the composition with wool. The price is up to more than 100 RMB a meter.

Knitted flannel is generally composed of polyester with low cost. The price is about 20-30+ RMB a kilo.

What Different Types Of Flannel Fabric Are There? 

From the organizational structure: one is woven flannel which generally have color woven and plain. The other one is knitted flannel, which can be made into plain and printed. They can also do embossing and other post-processes to increase the added value of the product.
From the composition, there are pure wool, pure cotton, pure chemical fiber (generally more polyester), but also wool-polyester blend, cotton-polyester blend, etc. Such as.

Baby flannel, which is a lightweight fabric used in children's clothing.
Cotton flannel or wide flannel, which is a cotton fabric that is brushed on one or both sides.
Ceylon flannel, which is the name for a mixture of wool and cotton.
Diaper flannel is a stout cotton fabric that is piled on both sides and is used for cloth diapers.


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