Reusable Cleaning Cloth

Product Definition:
Most textile cleaning cloth are reusable cloths, which can be used 100-1000 times if laundered after every use and handled correctly. Disposable cleaning cloths, usually refer to the paper towels, or non-woven cleaning fabric, or the pre-saturated cloth with cleaning solution, which should be discarded after a single use.
Detailed product specifications and parameters:
Material and composition: Polyester 100%
Grammage range: 25g-100g
Size range: 30*30CM or according to customer requirements
Color: Color
MOQ: 1000 pcs
Packing quantity: according to customer's requirement
Packing material: poly bag+carton
Product Features:
1. reusable cleaning cloth variety, you can choose cotton, polyester and other materials, or microfiber, feel softer, with strong water absorption, oil absorption performance, superior cleaning performance, easy to use, do not hurt the apparatus.
2. no lint, easy to dye, easy to clean, strong decontamination power, can be used repeatedly, long service life.
3. reuse, as long as the necessary cleaning and sterilization treatment, the use of low cost.
Product Application Description:
Reusable wipes can be used in a wide range of applications, kitchen, home, office and other types of scenes, as well as desktop, countertop, floor, window, glass, car and other types of items cleaning.
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