Laser Printable PP Nonwoven Fabric

Product Definition:
Laser printable PP nonwoven fabric is made of polypropylene pellets, with laser printable auxiliary materials. After melting at high temperature, the polymer is extruded and stretched to form continuous filaments, and then the filaments are laid into a web by airflow traction, and the web is then processed into PP nonwoven fabric by thermal bonding reinforcement method.
Detailed product specifications and parameters:
Composition: Polypropylene
Grammage range: 20 gsm - 50 gsm
Width range: 10-160CM
Color: white or customized
MOQ: 1000kgs-3000kgs
Feel hardness: soft, medium
Packing quantity: according to customer requirements
Packaging material: PE winding film
Introduction to the production process:
Polymer (polypropylene) - large screw high temperature melt extrusion - filter - metering pump (quantitative delivery) - spinning (spinning inlet up and down stretch suction) - cooling - airflow traction - net curtain into a network - upper and lower pressure roller (pre-reinforcement) - mill hot rolling (reinforcement) - winding - rewinding slitting - weighing and packaging - finished products into the warehouse
Product features and advantages.
1. the PP nonwoven fabric used as the backing fabric can be printed with laser equipment, which is ideal for use in masks and other related products to display company logos and text content.
2. the polypropylene material used in this Laser printable PP nonwoven fabric and the laser printing process are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, odorless and suitable for all kinds of products.
3. low cost, high efficiency, easy to customize the product pattern and text, very suitable for automation and high efficiency production of all kinds of masks and other products.
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