Hot Water Soluble Nonwoven Fabric

Product Definition:
Hot water soluble nonwoven fabric is made of PVA water-soluble fiber as raw material, which is opened and carded, paved, webbed and hot rolled into water-soluble nonwoven fabric. Water-soluble nonwoven is a new environmental protection material recognized worldwide, a new type of disposable sanitary material After finishing embroidery, the finished product is put into 80-90 degrees hot water and boiled, the hot water-soluble nonwoven will dissolve, leaving behind the exquisite openwork embroidery is currently one of the highest-end and most environmentally friendly embroidery backing for embroidery.

Detailed product specifications and parameters:
Detailed specifications: 100% PVA fiber, can be customized thickness, width specific detailed specifications and parameters.
Production standards and related certificates qualification: OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 confidence textile certification, in line with international industry standards.
Composition: 100% polyvinyl alcohol fiber
Grammage range: 30-100gsm
Width range: 20cm-320cm
Color: white
Order quantity: 5000m
Feel hardness: standard
Packing quantity: 100M or according to customers' requirements
Packing material: PE transparent bag

Introduction to the production process:
Polyethylene fiber-open and carded-netting-netting-hot-rolled into water-soluble nonwoven-winding machine slitting-weighing and packing-finished product into storage
Product features and advantages:
1. Hot water soluble non-woven pads paid for embroidery bottom have excellent softness and tensile strength, and feel exactly the same before and after embroidery.
2. The fabric and thread used for embroidery hot water soluble need to withstand 80-90 high temperature steaming, and will not change color and shrink.
3. Hot water soluble nonwoven fabric can fully meet the strength requirements of various embroidery processes and pads paid at the bottom.
4. No formaldehyde. Dissolve and decompose into plant starch, water and carbon dioxide. It meets the requirements of environmental protection.
5. Hot water soluble nonwoven fabric is mainly used in all kinds of high-grade underwear, fashion and other high temperature resistant fabrics.
6. Compared with water-soluble film, water-soluble nonwoven fabric has less influence on weather, and can be used in wet weather and dry weather, and the embroidered flower pattern is more perfect.
7. We can meet various customized requirements of customers.

Hot water soluble nonwoven application note:
1. Suitable for computer embroidery pad liner, also can be directly embroidered.
2. Can be used for printing according to customer requirements, directly printing guest patterns on non-woven fabric.
3. Support customized water-soluble non-woven bags, which can be used for various packaging. It can be water soluble and degraded in hot water, which has extremely broad application prospect.
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