280T Nylon Crepe Fabric

Product Definition:
This variety is crepe style, using multi-F number nylon as the raw material, after dyeing and finishing process to achieve the ideal anti-linting or coating anti-linting effect, is more popular fabrics.
Detailed product specifications and parameters: 
Detailed specifications: 70D/72F*70D/72F, plain
Composition: 100% nylon
Yarn count information: 70D*70D
Weaving process: heavy weight water jet
Grammage: 93GSM
Width: 58"
Color: light grass green
Fabric pattern: plain
MOQ: 1500m
Packing quantity: as required
Packing material: PE
Packing quantity: about 95,000 meters / 20 feet container
Customs code:5408320000
Introduction to the production process:
Raw material - sizing and - weaving - refining and washing - flattening - booking - dyeing (natural creping) - stentering and shaping - packaging - finished product
Product features and advantages:
The fabric surface has natural wrinkles, giving a kind of old. The feeling of nostalgic style. Feel fluffy and soft, crepe clear up long, elastic, chic appearance, three-dimensional sense of strong.
Product Application Description:
It can be used for all kinds of men's and women's down jackets, casual clothes, hiking clothes, jackets and other clothing. It is the best choice for home travel, outdoor adventure clothing fabric.
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