Premiere Vision fair impending opening

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Update time : 2024-06-24 11:05:06
Premiere Vision's impending opening

Premiere Vision, the well-known fashion garment fair will open in Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre on Jul.2nd,2024.6.


It has been held since 1973, two sessions a year. The fair in February is for spring and summer, and in July is for fall and winter. It releases the next year's fashion trends.

Every year, more than 60,000 professionals from more than 100 countries and regions meet with European textile traders.

Starting in 2017, the conference has set up an overseas factory zone positioned in the middle and high-grade garments. And invites Asia-Pacific manufacturing factory enterprises. In the last Premiere Vision, 489 exhibitors from China, Japan, Dubai, Poland, Russia, Germany, Denmark, and the United Kingdom attended the exhibition. The number of exhibitors reached 50,000 people. PV exhibition is considered the forerunner of the textile industry, leading the prevailing trend of the latest fabrics.


The exhibition is divided into six topic areas:

1. OFFICE HOURS:  knitwear, business suit, shirt

2. URBS & SUBURBS:  street-wear, khaki pants, freestyle

3. ALLBUT BLUEjeans, new process, and technology, dirty new

4. FITFRAME IN FASHION: casual wear, household apparel, yoga clothes, sportswear

5. MAKEIT WORK:  logistics,  software, social media, virtual appliance

6. DRESS FOR THE ELEMENTS:  jacket, outdoor equipment


That makes it easy for purchasers to find the right suppliers.


PV Vision is positioning as the tip of the fashion Pyramid. The exhibitors must have their factories. And all exhibitors are not measured by scale or sales but by their products only.

Each product category has its judging panel, and the members are from PV Vision, exhibitors, designers, buyers, and other professors. hp

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