Nonwoven in daily life ----- food and beverage

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Nonwoven in daily life ----- food and beverage

Millions of people drink coffee or tea each day. And both tea bags and coffee filters are primarily made from Nonwoven fabrics.  

Also, nonwovens are always the popular packing material as food pads.


Nonwovens are used for a variety of food contact solutions. In many cases, through the absorption of the excess of liquid, it allows a significant improvement of product shelf-life of many perishable products and provides optimised presentation to customers.

Nonwovens are used in
 food and beverage as following:

  • Food wrap: meat, cheese and fish
  • Tea & coffee bags
  • Scavengers (e.g. oxygen absorbents)
  • Absorbent pads
  • Sacks, bags & sachets
  • Insulation bags


The advantages of using nonwovens in food and beverage

  • Easy to recycle and compost
  • Easy to convert into pads and shapes
  • High tear resistance
  • Light-weight
  • Prolong shelf-life


Nonwoven technologies used in food and beverage:  

In food pads, airlaid, which utilizes a very high percentage of natural fibers, is the primary nonwoven used, but spunbond/SAP/spunbond laminates are also available in the market. Nonwoven food pads absorb liquid from perishables like meat and fruit to keep them fresh and extend shelf life, while also reducing food waste.


Nonwoven producers and converters for food packaging applications have been developing new products centered on sustainability. They’re doing this through the use of natural fibers while reducing the amount of raw materials used overall in the products.


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