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Circular knitting interlining
Circular knitting interlining. It is soft and delicate, elastic, washable and high temperature resistant. It is widely used in high-grade garment fabrics, lining of clothes, and also can be used for embroidered quilt tops.

The circular knitting interlining has been very popular. It is light and elastic like skin; it has a fashionable appearance and the finished garment has good breathability and drape. In addition, it is soft and smooth and more comfortable in contact with the skin. The white circular knitting interlining can also be printed, printed with various patterns and styles. So by the majority of clothing brand business is very popular.

Common colors include white circular knitting interlining and black circular knitting interlining, and you can also choose from plain, wavy or scalloped patterns according to your needs.

The grammage of circular knitting interlining is 30G, 42G, 48G, 55G, 58G, the width is 150CM, and the specification is 30D, 50D, 75D, which can be made into garment products with different formulations of rubber powder such as full PA, PA+PES and full PES. Most of our customers have chosen 50D circular knitting interlining, mainly for making women's dresses, pants, casual wear, etc.

What are the striking advantages of circular knitting interlining?

1 High strength: the strength in wet state is basically the same as that in dry state. Impact strength is 4 times higher than nylon[0.2秒] and 20 times higher than viscose fiber.
2 Good elasticity. Elasticity is similar to wool, wrinkle resistance are far more than other categories of fibers, good stability.
3 Good heat resistance, high temperature will not be deformed.
4 Corrosion resistance. It can resist bleach, oxidizer, hydrocarbons, ketones, petroleum products and inorganic acids.
5 Good wear resistance.

There are five advantages so that the circular knitting interlining can adapt to the activities of the human body, with the stretching and shrinking, light and comfortable, but also to maintain the appearance of clothing beauty.

It should be noted that: circular knitting interlining color fastness is generally not high, including black circular knitting interlining easy to lose color, the color is easy to appear color difference. According to the need, you can choose the pink dot single dot and double dot glue coating process. High-end custom circular knitting interlining fabric, is not easy to wrinkle, will not pilling, stretch comfortable, is more smooth skin-friendly.

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Well, the introduction of circular knitting interlining ends here, want to know more about other clothing fabrics to share. Follow us.
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