1FHM2355 Thobe Abaya Clothes Fusible Interlining

Arabian robe lining is specially designed for Arabian robe, mainly used for collar and cuff, using special production process, and divided into single layer, double layer, single-sided glued, double-sided glued and other specifications, strong adhesion, high hand hardness, excellent quality.

Detailed product specifications and parameters:
Detailed specification: 1FHM2355
Base fabric composition: polyester
Yarn count information: 12S 50*40
Backing fabric process: Arrow weaving
Backing weight: 630g
Glue powder type: LDPE
Gum powder weight: 80-90g
Glueing process: hot melt
Feel hardness: H hard feel
Width range: 110cm
Color: bleached white, natural white
Order quantity: 3000m
Packing quantity: 25-30m/roll
Packing material: woven bag
Container quantity: about 40-50,000 meters in a small container
Customs code: 590390900
LDPE rubber powder pressing temperature: 175℃-180℃
LDPE rubber powder pressing pressure: 3.5kg/cm2
LDPE rubber powder pressing time: 15 seconds or more
Peel strength: ≥10N/5*10cm
Introduction to the production process:
Spinning, embroidery weaving, weaving blank desizing, rinsing, drying, adding resin + setting, coating, inspection, rewinding, packing, storage.

Product features and advantages:
Specially designed for Arabian robe lining, providing excellent garment modeling function for the robe, using special production process, with superb adhesive strength, high glass strength, hand hardness ad excellent resilience, with single layer, double layer, single-sided, double-sided and many other varieties to choose from, resistant to water washing and dry cleaning.

Product Application Description:
Professional robe lining products, specifically for all kinds of robe products, such as the Arabian robe, etc., the main use parts for the collar and cuffs.
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