Sequin Mesh Fabric

Sequin mesh fabric is on top of the ordinary mesh, will be gold and silver and other kinds of color glitter sequins through the needle and thread stich in the mesh, to achieve glitter and decoration. Sequin is generally a round nylon sheet, the color ...


Sequin mesh refers to the ordinary mesh, gold and silver, and other kinds of colors of glitter sequins through the needle and thread stitch on the mesh, to achieve the effect of glitter and decoration. Sequins are generally round nylon sheets, very colorful, processed mesh products of various styles, glitter and bright, very wide range of applications, loved by designers.

Sequin Mesh Fabric Detailed Specifications:

 Composition:  Polyester/polyamide
 Yarn count information:  30D, 50D, or customized
 Weaving process:  Warp knitted
 Weight:  30gsm-150gsm
 Width:  140cm-160cm
 Color:  Customized
 Finishing process:  Sequin stitching
 Handfeeling:  Medium, hard
 MOQ:  2000Y
 Packing quantity:  50-100Y/Roll
 Packing material:

Product Features and Advantages:

  • Sequins mesh on the bead color glitter color can be sewn according to the requirements of all kinds of style patterns, very eye-catching, good decorative effect, very popular designers pro-gaze.
  • The color of the sequins is mostly gold and silver or other shiny colors, while also accepting the color of the sequins and sewing pictures customized according to customer requirements.
  • The base fabric is common mesh, can choose a wide range of specifications, can be matched with a variety of styles, and the product is widely applicable.

Introduction to The Production Process:

Raw material (polyester yarn, nylon yarn, spandex yarn) - Warping (winding the raw material yarn to the head) - Warp knitting machine to weave the blank fabric - Fabric inspection of the blank fabric - Embroidered fabric washing and dyeing - Dyeing of the blank fabric by shaping machine - bead stitching finish treating- Winding and packing

Sequin Mesh Fabric Picture Show.

Sequin Mesh FabricSequin Mesh Fabric dress

Product Application:

With its colorful bead colors and shiny effect, sequin net is very suitable for the decoration of all kinds of clothing and other products, such as dresses, performance clothes, wedding dresses, home textiles, fashion, ladies' bags, stage decoration, etc.

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