- Tricot Interlining
Woven tricot interlining is a kind of fusible interfacing, also called two-sided elastic. It is a fusible interlining for garments using polyester filament and low-stretch silk warp-knitted fabric as the backing. It is flat and drapes well in the warp direction and has good elasticity in the weft direction, is soft to the touch, strong arbitrariness. And is adaptable to elastic fabrics, adapting to the various requirements of fusible interlining for various fabrics and garments today.

Tricot interlining has the characteristics of light, soft and elastic. Especially when used as garment material with the characteristics of comfortable wearing. Breathable and moisture permeability, randomness, and shape retention are better. We can provide you with free samples and quotations of warp knitted interlining. Professional technical staff will give you more suggestions and guidelines so that you can buy without getting lost. Leave us messages now.